One Click Payments

Today customers expect fast processing when it comes to payment. They have handful of e-business options from where they can purchase the desired products or services. They go for the merchant who offers them fastest payment processing.

Looking at the fact, it has become important to pace the process of payments. At the same time it is important to keep security concern in mind.

Our payment gateway is ready to face challenge. We provide option of one click payment to our merchants. Single click payment minimizes the steps of payment while customers make purchases. In one click payment, you ask the customers to sign up on your page and record their details at the time of their first purchases. This information helps to identify the customers, whenever they make their next purchases. Now the customers can make direct transactions using API.

This method of payment is becoming popular day by day, as your customers don’t have to feed their card details every time they make payments on your websites. One click payments is fastest method to get payments done.

One click payment feature offered by our payment gateway helps your business to retain the existing customers and at same time, it attracts potential customers looking for fast payment options.