Legal Documents

Cookies Policies

Cookies are little information that gets temporarily stored in the browser of desktop or mobile devices. Whenever you visit our payment gateway website, your browser automatically collect the information of pages you have viewed in form of cookies.

Cookies have following information-

  • • The IP Address of internet you are using to access the EU Pays website.
  • • Information of devices used to visit the website pages.
  • • Operating system of device used for visiting pages.
  • • The information of website which navigated you to our website.
  • • Pages visited by you on our website.
  • • The browser used to visit our website.

This user information in form of cookies helps us to understand you search habits and preferences. It also informs us about the time spent by you on the website. On the basis of these information, we provide you suggestions according to your search history.

Generally we send two type of cookies to your browser, which are-

Session Cookies-These cookies have short life. It is automatically removed when you end your session by closing your browsers. These cookies help to secure your login data.

Persistent Cookies-These cookies remain in the hard drive of your drive. You have to remove them manually. These cookies open pages you had visited during your last session on our website.


To get cookies from Advent Promenade GmbH, you have to enable cookies in the settings of your browsers. Once you have enabled the cookies, we will start sending cookies to your system. If you block the cookies on your browsers or disable it, you will stop getting cookies from our website. In such case, you may not able to access some of our services.

We can’t promise you full services if you block cookies from the setting panel of your browsers.

Terms of services

The Services consist of the payment services available to the merchant as a virtual platform in order for empowering the online businesses to make Payments via Intermediary Institutions. A list of payment channels available to the Merchant and the Merchant's website with which the Payment Gateway is to be integrated shall be defined by the Parties in the Agreement.

In execution of the Services Advent Promenade GmbH shall specifically:

Grant access to one of two methods by which the Merchant's website may be integrated with the Payment Gateway, one of which consists in redirecting the Customer via the Payment Gateway from the Merchant's website to Advent Promenade GmbH where there is a secure transaction form, and the second – in enabling transmission of all the data entered by the Customer at the Merchant's website to Advent Promenade GmbH systems via Advent Promenade GmbH API;

Enable the Merchant to:

  • • Transfer data related to payments from Advent Promenade GmbH systems to a respective banks which then enables processing the Payment (e.g. in the case of a credit card payment or direct debit).
  • • Redirect the Customer to the website of a respective card networks, app developer and banks which enables Payments (e.g. in the case of a virtual transfer or Apple Pay).

Unless a relevant bank rejects the Payment, the amount will be transferred to the Merchant's individual payment account in accordance with rules specified in these Terms of Service and the Agreement, whereas the outcome of such transaction shall be recorded in the Merchant Account.

Open a Merchant Account so as to let the Merchant: register, control, monitor transaction data, and, in particular, view lists of payments made, authorization and sales errors lists, lists of refunds, Reversals and Chargebacks, manually initiate Refunds or Resale; where Advent Promenade GmbH renders Acquiring Services for the benefit of the Merchant, the Merchant Account offers the option to register information on funds collected by Advent Promenade GmbH as a result of Payments made via the Payment Gateway.

Enable the Merchant to accept payments through various channels, such as card payments, direct debits, Apple Pay, e-checks, virtual terminal, etc.

Advent Promenade GmbH opens a Merchant Account and provides the Merchant with a user name and password, along with other data necessary to use a secure transaction form. The merchant must keep its user name and passwords in secrecy, and may not reveal them to any third party.

The Services our gateway will operate effectively on latest version of web browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome, etc.

Suspension of Services

Access to the Services can be changed, or partially or completely suspended, when, and to the extent, justified by the circumstances, such as when it is necessary to ensure a secure and stable environment for the Services, where changes in the applicable law so require, where repairs and maintenance works, adaptations, changes or additions to the software are required, or where measures to locate and remove the malfunctions of the Services need be applied. In the above-mentioned situations interruptions of or interferences with the Services are deemed in conformity with the Agreement and do not result in Advent Promenade GmbH liability toward the Merchant. Unless suspension of the Services stems from unplanned and unforeseen disruptions, Advent Promenade GmbH will inform the Merchant about the Services suspension in advance. If possible, all maintenance works will be performed at night.

Password Security Rules

There are few password security rules which every merchant are suggested to follow. These simple rules can ensure that there private confidential data are secured. Here are the rules-

  • • Change your password on regular basis. No password should be extended more than 90 days.
  • • Your password must contain at least 8 characters. It should me framed using both numerical and alphabets.
  • • If you fail to enter the correct passw3ord in the limit limited tries, your account will be blocked. In this case you have to contact our support team to reset the password.
  • • Never disclose your password to any third party.
  • • Never write down your password in any form or paper.
  • • Always use new password, it should be completely different from previous 5 passwords.
  • • Never access your account from unknown devices.
  • • Always remember to sign out once you have completed your session.