Make online business secured and friction-less

Advent Promenade GmbH is dedicated to help the merchants in best possible manner. We offer various tools and extensions to simplify the payment process. The merchants get serviced integrated with advanced technology.

Hosted Payment Page

With us the merchants get empowered with Host Payment page (HPP). HPP helps to secure the customer data entered on the payment page of merchants’ website. With HPP integration, the customers can enter the required details directly on the secured page. The merchants don’t have to store the details with them, which means less chance of data mishandling.

Moreover, Host Payment Page is integrated with flexible skin technology. This helps the merchants to customize the look and feel of the payment page according to their requirements. HPP helps them to design style sheet and tabs on the payment page to give it a distinctive look.

Host Payment Page also saves the cost of PCI compliance. There is no need to get PCI certificate from PCI-DSS. Merchants can receive both cash and credit transactions through various payment methods.

Easy Encryption

Merchants can directly link with the payment platform with the help of Easy Encryption (EE). This advanced integration allows connecting payment service provider or mobile app without capturing the confidential data on clients’ screen. Easy encryption can handle bulk transaction in one time.

To get integrated with easy encryption, websites have to follow PCI compliance according to PCI-DSS. This helps to secure the payments made from cards. With EE, the merchants can offer more than 50+ payments methods.

Directory Look-up

With integration of Directory Look-up, the merchants can directly provide the optional and mandatory fields to their customers in different type of payment method. On the more directory look-up sends the important details like amount of transaction, customers’ location, currency of transection, etc. to the server of EU Pays. The gateway suggests suitable payment method to the merchants based on the information received. The merchants can provide their customers the customized payment page on the basis of relevant information. The gateway also updates the status of the payment to the merchants.

Direct API

Direct API integration helps the merchants to directly link their portal with payment portal of European Payments. With direct API, the customers don’t have to leave your website. The payment can be made in the background while buyers are browsing merchants’ websites.

Merchants have to strictly follow the guidelines of PCI-DSS in order to avail this integration.