A shield to all payment uncertainties

There are certain businesses which are considered as high risk. These high risk businesses are more vulnerable to disputes, refund and chargebacks from chargebacks. The best example of high risk business is tech support.

In case, the customer is not satisfied by the services provided to him, he/she can call the issuing back demanding refund. This can lead to chargeback. This is the reason most of the payment gateway avoid high risk businesses. But unlike other payment service providers, we welcome all such kind of businesses. We offer the High Risk Accounts which have all provisions to provide them a secure space to grow stable.

Every business needs a merchant account in order to receive online payments. High risk businesses struggle a lot in order to the merchant account. The high risk account offered by our payment gateway provides them a merchant account without any difficulties. All they have to do is produce the relevant documents. These documents are obligatory to get a merchant account.

The gateway services of Advent Promenade GmbH is designed in such a way that it caters all most every payment needs of high risk businesses. We understand the efforts and dedication made by the online sellers who sell their services to customers. We have special policies for such businesses to support them in minimizing the possibilities of risk.

Advent Promenade GmbH also secure businesses during chargebacks some to some extent. Where several payments gateways ask them to get merchant accounts from outside, we offer a merchant account from our end. This help to enhance trust and reputation in the geographical location in which the merchants are operating.

If you too are looking for a high risk account for your business, you can contact us. Our support team will assist you with every details you need.