The future of traditional bank instrument

We provide e-Check method for payments to our merchants. Online businesses who accept payments through checks or any other financial instruments can use this method to collect payments.

E-Checks are similar to normal checks. The only difference is that it carries all details in digital format instead of paper. It contains the similar details that are mentioned on paper checks. E-Checks have universal legal acceptance in all financial institutions. These instruments are easy to exchange with in the concerned parties. You can keep it for future references. These are easiest and cheapest way to accept payments. Fast processing of e-checks helps you get your money in no time. You can attach limitless information with the instruments and send or receive it through ACH network anywhere worldwide. Moreover, you can process any time day or night, even when the financial banks are closed.

These electronic checks are easy and secured. In this case, you don’t have to carry the paper checks to there is no chance to get stolen or misplaced. Customers also prefer this method of payment as they can make both recurring payments as well as one-time payment to the seller/merchant. The processing cost is very less. In fact, E-checks are the cheapest method to make payments. In case when the payment is made through E-checks, we issue e-invoices then and the there. Merchants can anytime track the status of payments made e-checks. If the check is bounced, we provide the notification of the same to both the parties.

So basically, the e-check method offered by us is economical, secured and fast way to accept payments. This can also be used as point of sale option or where the customers are willing to make recurring payments for product or services offered to them.