Code 10 Visa Authorization

Being a global payment service provider, we process hundreds of transactions on daily routine. These transactions involve hard earned money, That is why try to make sure that these transactions are fully secured and away from any kind of fraud. We always stay vigilant to check the possibilities of any fraud. There are various precautionary measures practiced by us to safeguard our merchants and their clients against the fraud practices like false transactions from stolen credit/debit card.

Code 10 Authorization is one of such precautionary steps. This measure is issued by the major card network Visa. This security feature of Visa helps to ensure that the payment is processed by the genuine card holder. The concept code 10 authorization is originated by Visa to empower the sellers and online merchants to detect the fraud cases on their level. It helps them to minimize the chances of chargebacks. Frauds are one of the main reasons behind chargebacks raised by customers affected.

Merchants can call for code 10 authorization if they feel anything fishy at the time of credit card transaction. The best feature of this security measure is that you can verify the card holder without his consent, even if he/she is standing in front of you during face to face purchases.

During the session of code 10 authorization your call will be forwarded to the representative of issuing bank. They will ask you series of objective type questions about the suspicious card holder. You have to give answers in just yes or no. As it is a discreet process, the suspicious person will think that you ding the routine work. The procedure is very simple. You just have to follow the procedure suggested by the representative on the voice call. You can continue the transactions if the issuing bank gives green signal to the card holder.