Accept payments directly on business websites

We provide ways to integrate online payment without any hindrance. Europe Payments looks for most convenient payment option for your websites. We practice more advances and effective services. Our integration helps merchants to customize their websites to offer better experiences to their customers.

If you are new to the concept, no need to worry. The library created by our team will help you to develop a customer friendly form using PHP or any other programing language. With API integration, you can directly get payment option page on your website. There will be no need to redirect your customers to the gateway of Europe Payments.SA. That means we will assist you in receiving payments from back end. These days, businesses like e-commerce, tech support are using API integration to get payments directly through their own website.

Our payment gateway allows you to design a separate payment on your website.

When a customer is willing to make payment, he is directed to the payment page of your website with all the payment methods you are offering. As the customer is still on your website, you can suggest them more of similar products. API integration helps to build online reputation of your business. It increases the sales conversion rate and suppresses the bounce back rate of your business websites.

Since you no longer need our domain for payments, so you have to fulfill certain obligations. Your website need to be PCI compliant and must have SSL (Secure Socket Layer). These obligations make sure that the data of the customers are well secured.

Contact us to make your website API Integrated. Our technical team will guide you for the same. You can design a unique page for your website or use any of the default templates offered.