Transaction Descriptor

Transaction descriptor is the details mentioned in the statement of the merchant. This includes the name of the product, name of the merchant, amount paid, details of card used, transaction codes, etc. Transaction descriptor helps the customers to identify the transactions made by them and the name of the merchants. On the other hand it is also beneficial for merchants to as it helps them to fight against the cases of False Chargebacks. It helps to save your hard earned money.

There are two types of Transaction Descriptors offered by our payment gateway-

  1. 1. Static Descriptor
  2. Static descriptor is suitable for all online payments. this kind of descriptors come in handy for merchants running online stores that sell tangible products, like furniture or clothes, which have a specific brand, name , collection, or title that may not necessarily actually mean anything to the buyer or consumer. Static descriptor mention these product details, seeing the name of a store a customer has purchased from as a descriptor, makes it easy to identify the order.

  3. 2. Dynamic Descriptor
  4. Dynamic descriptors describe a specific product or service and can different from one seller to another. There is no model number or special name allotted to these products or services. If your e-business sells customized applications or software services, this type of descriptor can be a great way to let your customers know what they have purchased. In most of the cases, customers know the name of software or services they have demanded. Therefore, Dynamic descriptor contains the same information about the services. The customers recognize that name on their bank statement.

Our transaction descriptor also helps to suppress the possibilities of fraudulent transactions by keeping details of every transaction.