The Bridge between our payment platform and businesses

IP Sensor

IP sensors helps to trace the IP address and location of every online transaction and send it the financial institutions involved in the process. This helps to the banks to detect fraud cases in the initial stage. On the more, there are some places where certain foreign IP get blacklisted. IP sensor also detects such transactions.

White Label Integration

We also offer the payment services from back end. In other words, you can enjoy the option of white label services with us. We allow us to sell our services using your brand name. The customers need not to visit us any more. They can make payments directly on your website. You can design the payment page of website using your creativity.

Fraud Detection

We have several integrated tools to identify and stop frauds. Our gateway is vigilant to stop evil practices which are harmful for merchant and customers. We protect your customers from such threats.
There are some cases where people use false identity like ID card, Driving License number, social security number to access credit card of that person in any transection. Our tools detect such suspicious transactions. We also monitor account activities of the merchants and inform them if any unusual activity occurs.

AVS Mismatch

AVS stands for Address Verification System. Our system matches the AVS of cards with the database of issuing bank to confirm that the transactions are performed by genuine card holder. If AVS doesn’t matches, the transactions get denied.

During every transaction, our payment gateway collects the AVS from the card holder trying to make payments and send it the issuing bank for matching the 9 digit codes given by the customers. If the AVS code produced by card holder doesn’t match, we suspend the transaction.