MOTO is the abbreviation used for Mail Order/ Telephone Order. This the method in which the buyer make payments while he is not present at the location where payment is made.

This is accessed through a secure domain and can be performed from any place with an internet connection. This is also known as a virtual terminal, it allows you to process credit and debit card transactions over telephone or from orders received by fax. You can even make sales and process credit card information while on family holidays or during professional tours.

MOTO accounts offered by us are suitable for remote companies that want to boost up their sales without giving much focus to internet-business. The main advantages of holding a MOTO merchant account are security and mobility, having a MOTO account is also known as having a virtual terminal.

Our MOTO or virtual terminal is very useful in operating a big or small e-Commerce website, for instance, it will help you to provide corrective services to customers if they encounter a problem with your online product.

You can simply ask them for their billing information and enter that order manually in your terminal and save the sale.

Generally customers don’t show their trust on small merchants, with unprofessional-looking websites. They fear that their personal data will be not secured while making transactions. They look for secured alternatives to make payments online.

There are buyers who prefer giving their details over the phone to a real person. In addition, customers can call you to ask questions about your product or service before buying any commodity from your website. You can provide them an alternative to process their credit card instantly over the phone to help close the sale. Thus having a MOTO account and processing card payments via a virtual terminal is vital for e-Commerce merchants too.

If you are willing to add option of MOTO in your business, then it is obligatory to have a merchant account. It we reduce the paper work to get access of MOTO.