We generate invoices of transaction in digital format

The era has arrived when we have started supporting digitalization of every single thing. Today we prefer to keep every document in digital format. These digital files consume less space and are easy to retain for longer duration. On the more you can easily transfer it any of the desired location in blink of an eye. This digitalization has given birth to the concept of electronic invoice. As the name itself giving clear indication about what electronic invoices are?

Electronic Invoices are the digital format of traditional invoices. It carries all the information about the transaction like date of transaction, Amount, Details of product or services purchased Name and other details of customers, etc. These electronic invoices are very important as it acts as the proof of transactions made. Generally these invoices are prepared by the seller (merchants) and delivered to the customers.

We generate electronic invoice for single transection processed by us.

These electronically generated documents improve trust relationship between you and your customers. Electronic invoices help you to keep record of your sales and details of the customers which can be useful in future. You can produce these electronic invoices in case of any dispute. It is beneficial for both merchant and customers in fighting any possible interest.

As invoices are generated by us, so it saves your time and energy. We don’t charge separately for making and sending invoices. We don’t charge any separate fee for generating and sending invoices to you and your customers.

The templates of our electronic invoices are easy to customize. You can add your company name and logo to give it a unique look. You can also attach relevant files with invoices to make it more useful. On the more, these invoices are easy to be tracked.