Advent Promenade GmbH is a user friendly gateway which is developed in the manner that it ensures smooth working of merchants’ websites in the trusted manner. Cookies help us to deliver flaw less services to the businesses websites associated with us.

If you are not aware about the term cookies, we will explain you. Cookies are small text files which automatically get stored in the user’s device (computer or mobiles) when they browse any website. These cookies get stored in the browser of the user. Whenever a user visits any website, a small amount of information from that website gets stored as cookies in browser. When the user revisits the same page again, the cookies send this information to the website. Cookies help to understand the preferences of user, so that website can provide suggestions to them.

We use useful cookies to provide some good experiences to our merchants and customers. These cookies don’t store the private data of users. Just the interests and preferences are stored temporarily. Here are some cookies used by Advent Promenade GmbH.

Essential Cookies

These cookies are essential for smooth functioning of websites. In absence of essential cookies the website will lose its effectiveness. Many important features of the will be left out ignored.

Advertisement Cookies

There are some cookies which help the third party advertisers to post relevant ads on the side panels of the website. Advertisement cookies help to post the ads according to interest of the customers visiting the page. These cookies help to generate revenue from advertisements.

Analytics Cookies

Advent Promenade GmbH helps to identify strong and weaker sections of a website. This shows the heat map, indicating the sections which receive lesser visits by the customers. Based on this information, merchants can improve their designs to make those pages more effective.

Analytics Cookies acts as a feedback from viewers and customers.