Add payment flexibility to your online and in-store businesses

Advent Promenade GmbH is a perfect payment solution for every sort of businesses. Looking at the rapidly advancing technologies, we also have inherited the required changes. Apple Pay is one of them. Our gateway is compatible with this mobile payment option.

Apple Pay is the mobile payment app developed by Apple Incorporation. This omni-channel is available on all apple devices like Apple iPhone, iWatch, iPad, MacBook, etc. which has iOS operating system. This app is easily available on the app store of Apple. Once the app is installed, Apple Pay allots a unique account to the user. Users can now add virtual money in the wallet of Apple pay. Now they are ready to make payments through their devices. Integration with Apple Pay help you to reach to the customers who are using the app to make payments.

However, option of Apple Pay is available in very few countries like US & UK but our compatibility adds on one more options in the payment methods.

You can receive payments from Apple Pay in-app and in-store. Apple Pay powered TouchID sensor ensures smooth payments in just few seconds. You can offer customers ease to pay off the billing amount through their iOS operated apple devices from anywhere, any time. Customers started to prefer Apple pay as it provide them additional security of finger print scanner to ensure that the payments are done by the genuine person. Moreover, Apple pay generates unique code for every transection and the details of old transections get automatically removed. Apple Pay is a good alternative to the credit cards.

Contact us to make your business website Apple Pay friendly. It is very easy to get integrated with any of the website. Few lines of code will serve your purpose well.